“Hey, Google!  Close the blinds in the living room!”

The fact that this scenario even seems possible is proof that we have officially arrived in the future.  Aside from our aspirations to live like Bill Gates in his super-smart home, however, there are many down-to-earth reasons for average Joes to invest in motorized blinds for their windows.  

Safety, of course, is the utmost concern in all homes whether it be for our children, pets, or wobbly knees pulling out the step ladder to adjust the blinds.  Motorized blinds and shades ensure that window treatments do not pose a hazard for the ones we love. The added comfort of privacy and light control should never be negated by the worry associated with dangerous, corded blinds.

Speaking of comfort, what could be easier than adjusting your window blinds with the touch of a button?  Whether you are elderly, injured, or just tired after a long day, using your remote control or smart device to adjust your blinds is worlds better than walking from window to window to dim your living room for the big game.

Let’s face it, though–the biggest factor in choosing our window treatments is how they look.  In 2019, just a few clicks will show you that motorized window blinds come in a wider variety of colours and styles than ever before.  When searching for the perfect way to decorate your windows, rest assured that if it can move, it can be motorized. Even the motors themselves are highly customizable and can be matched perfectly to fit your home and lifestyle.  The cost of the system, the volume of the motor, and who installs it are all up to you.

With most investments we make in our homes, from a new couch to a new colour scheme, the initial purchase is a commitment that takes a leap of faith.  Don’t hesitate take that leap into motorized window blinds. Chances are, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.