Three Great Reasons to Install Shutters in Your Bathroom

Interior window shutters are a great way to add privacy and light control. With a variety of options available, shutters can enhance the look of any room in your home. If you’re thinking about installing shutters but aren’t ready to have your whole house outfitted just yet, here are three reasons why a bathroom might be a great place to start:

  1. Small investment. Remember, bathrooms usually have smaller windows than other rooms in the home, so shutters for your guest bath or powder room won’t cost much. Whether you end up liking shutters or not, your bathroom can be an inexpensive place to try them in your own home.
  2. Big impact. Privacy is a high priority in choosing window treatments for a bathroom, so you will probably see and experience the impact of window shutters in a bathroom every day once they’re installed. Any window treatment can look good in a showroom, but there’s nothing like getting a hands-on trial in such an intimate (and unavoidable) space of your own.
  3. Decor neutral. Bathroom linens–your towels and rugs–wear out and need to be replaced much more frequently than the other textiles in your home. If you go with the standard and match interior window shutters to the trim in your bathroom, you can alter your colour scheme as often as you like without worrying about matching the curtains. The solid colour and clean, neutral style of shutters will never let you down, even if you decide to go crazy with some eccentric towels for a few weeks.

Interior shutters really can’t be beat when it comes to privacy and light control, but they might not be for everyone, just as a matter of taste. If you’re mulling it over, though, and don’t want to make a big commitment, starting in your bathroom is the way to go. You can always add curtains as another layer if find that you prefer the softness of textiles, but you won’t regret that you’ve built in some privacy. At the very least, your guests and neighbours will thank you.

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