A Guide to Child Safe Window Blinds in Canada

Summer can be full of surprises, bringing with it camping, home redecorations and dinner parties for our guests as well as the impending holiday plans during this season of celebration.  The safety of your children should be at the top of your agenda bearing in mind that summer also represents Child Window Safety Month. Your window treatments should be considered safe for toddlers, young children and pets before overwhelming yourself with candy, costumes and all the erratic activities that the season may bring.

Window coverings that are a decade old or more, swinging cords or any visible inner cord could pose a possible threat to infants and young children. A common trait among children is curiosity, this is why they tend to find glowing or moving objects fascinating and could cause severe harm. An advocate of cordless window treatments, Distinct Window Fashions proposes this motorized blinds and shades as an excellent choice in preventing hazards and giving you confidence in the safety of infants and young children. Also providing a cord-free treatment are shutters and drapery.

It is imperative to ensure pull cords are properly positioned out of reach to children and also nail and loop any swinging cords close to it or install a decorative hook. The safety of children is paramount so if it requires breaking a design rule and hammering a nail in the wall to fix hanging cords, there should be no hesitation especially when dealing with disturbing cords. To upgrade from senescent window blinds and shades, ordering a free retrofit kit from the Window Covering Safety Council, www.windowcoverings.org seems a better option. It is always important to ensure your window treatments never have looped cords or chains and long cords. Recite the watchword: anchor, anchor always to keep your children safe.


The month of June 2019 welcomed the launch of a new Best for Kids Program which is a certification agenda to help educate consumers with identification of window treatments suitable for toddlers and young children. Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA), urges for every window covering product to have no cords or inaccessible inner cords. Every purchase on window treatments should hold the manufacturer liable to industry standards, though to be on the safer end it is advisable to always go with cordless window treatments as this is the benchmark of premium quality. Crammed with a variety of colours, fabrics, textures and patterns, Distinct Window Fashions assembles cordless window Blinds & treatment examines different categories in order to suit your desired design preference.

Below is a checklist I made to make things easier and is also endorsed by the Window Covering Safety Council.

Child Safe Windows Checklist

  1. Go Cordless – it is advisable to switch to the most reliable window treatment to remove all swinging or exposed cords. Although the best options remain cordless cellular and roller blinds, other notable options are draperies and shutters.
  2. Prevent Unsafe Play – to prevent harmful climbing and grabbing, beds and furniture should be relocated far away from windows so as to avoid dangerous incidents.
  3. Gone Cords Gone – if you choose to retain cords, they should be out of sight and out of reach to prevent young ones from playing with them. also swinging cords should never be found anywhere in the home.
  4. Nail It Down – all incessant cord loops on draperies, verticals and other blinds or shades should remain anchored to the wall or the floor.
  5. Redo or Renew – there are newer, safer and more creative window treatments being manufactured in recent times or you could simply modify the hazardous and ageing window treatments.