There are certain places in your home where a cold blind just doesn’t cut it. Here’s where Custom Drapery steals the stage. But how much does custom drapery cost in 2019?

This depends on who you ask. Ready-made curtains and drapes have come a long way. They’re available in hundreds of styles and sizes. But they still have the same old problem. They never look like there were made for your space. Always a little short or long. The pulls don’t completely come together. Fabrics are thin and rod hardware and hooks are cheap.

how much do custom curtains cost in 2019

But, How much should you expect to pay for a custom drapery design?

Some elements that go into designing custom drapes.

  1. Pre Design and Drapery consultation

Onsite consultation, measurement, fabric selection, hardware selection and digital rendering of your drapery treatment on the window.

  1. Manufacture

The fabric needs to be sourced. Drapery hardware and rear fabrics should be sourced as well. Panels may need to be built and sourced.

New Custom Drapery should cost approximately $1,000 – $1,500 per window for an average fabric material and size window, hardware and custom rod.